Snail Mail

SnailmailA while ago I came across the site from the people at Boredom Research.

You can read all about how it works on the website but in short you send a message the same way you would send an email. Instead of being delivered straight to the recipient, it sits in the system until a snail decides to pop by pick it up and deliver it for you. This is clearly amazing, I sent one.

TWO YEARS LATER ‘Gari’ has picked up the message I sent. I don’t even remember what it was I wrote, I only remember who I sent it to because they sent me an email reminding me. When I sent the message they had just three snails picking up and delivering the post, now they have TEN snails zipping back and forth. What took you so long Gari?

Still, at least they don’t go on strike.


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