Ducky Yay 2 (The Rage)

This film is unofficially titled ‘ducky yay’. Don’t get your hopes up though, there are no ducks in it. Not even one.

The original idea behind this is that is would be viewed as an installation, using two projectors (one back lighting a screen, the other shining down on the people in the space).
Unfortunately they are yet to figure out a way of magically teleporting people through the internet so you’ll just have to watch it on YouTube.

It is loosely based on outings with my father when I was a child.
More of a mission than an afternoon walk, he would take us out into what seemed like the middle of nowhere.
Clearly his hours of trekking across the Kent countryside were all in vain as he never managed to lose either my sister or myself.

If you are really bored you can see some of the stills here.


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