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How many “Krapp” jokes can I make in one post?

October 10, 2009

It’s group project time again!

The tutor for this unit is Lizzie Oxby who is giving us advice on all aspects of puppet and set building.

I shall be working once more with Justine, Amer and Matt (but you can call us The A Team).

Together we will be promptly escaping from a maximum security stockade using a combination of Stop Motion and Flash to make a short (2 min’) film based on an excerpt from Samuel Beckett’s “Krapp’s Last Tape”.

Krapp animation storyboard

Here is a slightly dodgy panel from our rough storyboard as drawn by the fabulous Mr Amer.


Star and Chain

December 6, 2008

finalstoryboardGroup project with Matt, Katharina and Tom for ‘Adaptation’ based on the story “Star and chain” by Steve Lacheen. We had to interpret the story however we saw fit and storyboard it as if we were going to animate it.

Correct aspect ratio? Hells yeah!

Unusual Framing

November 23, 2008


Storyboard using unusual frame shapes, drawn 10th Oct’ ’08, pencil and pen.

I didn’t find fitting the pictures into different shapes too difficult, the only problem I had is my story (which we had to make up on the spot) kept finishing itself before I had used up all the panels. This is why rather than ending with good old fashioned foul language, it now ends with good old fashioned under aged drinking and impending knfe crime. Mmm..topical.